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Realms in Time

RealmsInTimeNewA full website that include not just the website but a 3D virtual world. I have created all of the artwork and am using Opensim software for 3D world software. I am currently changing many aspects of the website and am altering the code to make the software work the way I need it to.

Please feel free to create an avatar and log in. Most of the in-world work, textures and builds are mine except for the welcome area. Much of the shop content credit belongs to Linda Kellie, but the textures and the sculpt maps as well as the design are mine.


I have started adding Mesh objects created in Blender and will add a gallery of my work soon.


I am also adding LSL scripts, and a LSL Scripting tool for in-world users and writing an in-world sculpt-maker program in python..


Have fun with it and let me know what you think!