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Thorup Family Ties

image af440fThis site was designed after a website template found on templatemo. All artwork is original however, execpt for the brushes used.


A CMS was used on this site as well as some of our other sites we create to make it easier for our clients up update their sites without the hassle of working around webpage code. 


This site is currently being upgraded.

Realms in Time

RealmsInTimeNewA full website that include not just the website but a 3D virtual world. I have created all of the artwork and am using Opensim software for 3D world software. I am currently changing many aspects of the website and am altering the code to make the software work the way I need it to.

Please feel free to create an avatar and log in. Most of the in-world work, textures and builds are mine except for the welcome area. Much of the shop content credit belongs to Linda Kellie, but the textures and the sculpt maps as well as the design are mine.


I have started adding Mesh objects created in Blender and will add a gallery of my work soon.


I am also adding LSL scripts, and a LSL Scripting tool for in-world users and writing an in-world sculpt-maker program in python..


Have fun with it and let me know what you think! 


Morty Site

MortySiteThis website was designed for an assignment when finishing my associates degree at University of Phoenix.


I needed to have a functioning menu, which I used Spry.  This site also includes a flash carousel and a youtube video, and CSS.


All images are mine except for the header (Wikimedia Commons) as are the graphics.  this site will be updated wsith a new background soon along with updating the CSS to make it stretchable with brower size windows.



Kiki's Floral

Kiki's floral - click to visit siteThis custom website was designed with a lot of Javascript as a project.  It has everything from mouse over, to a time keeper on the site.  It also validates the order form to make sure the customer has important information in.


All images are custom created except for the shop images and they are courtesy of Free Digital Photos




Kids Play Fonts

shot 20150516 1988 1didcp2 After being frustrated at the loss of a few of my favorite free font sites and then the follow up of a friend who also hated loosing some of her favorite font sitesand all of her fonts she collected when her hadr drive went toes up, I designed this for scrapbookers and font-aholics alike.  It features mainly freeware/shareware/donationware fonts and will soon feature some long lost fonts from sites like Aenigma Fonts and Fonts4kids.com


I am adding fonts constantly and am hoping to have all the letters filled soon. :/


I am also working on javascript/php that will take the fonts and display them in the article itself something like CUFON.



Vacation Exotica

Vacationexotica2015I did some website work for the Telluride Watch Newspaper's Shelter Magazine when I was working for web development company. Although I loved the layout, I wanted to see what I could do to design it the way I wanted.  I wanted a look like a magazine.  This image is the cover.  the rest of the pages are the inside of the magazine.

This site is a current work in progress so check back often to see its progess.

This website template is will be all hand coded.



Website 1 - Template

Bamboo Grass River Designs - Click to visit site

This website was a prototype for my Bamboo Grass River designs website that I was going to focus on mainly graphic and publishing design. I had and am still doing book design for people and thought that this would be a good place for clients to check up on their work and drop off images and text needing to go in their final work.


Although I now have the site redirected to Web Lynx.co, I decided to put up this example of the CSS hand coding that went into it.


All artwork is mine as is the photo of the lantern, which I took in Japan. Mount Fuji is courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.



Web Sites/ Bamboo

Bamboo Website - Click to visit siteA hand coded website done for a class project. It include many elements of basic web design, CSS and include features such as a hand-coded calender.