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Javascript Table

Tables - click to visit website.

This example makes use of the jquery library.  The table is set up with the javascript so that the even rows are colored.


Yes...I do enjoy watching Duck Dynasty, so I used their first season listing as an example of what can be done to make tables more readable on a web page.


The table header background is mine and I set the background so that it stretches when the browser window is resized.


Background and Duck Dynasty images are courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

JavaScript Array

thumb 20130913This Javascript is a simple one that displays an array using episode names of the first season of Duck Dynasty. I used the unshift command to add another episode to the array list. I also added a function that would take the items in the array and put them into a bulleted list. If I had used the splice command I could add "Sauvignon Beard' at the 8 index spot, putting it in the correct order, however, I decided to go with the splice command instead.